Welcoming Brothers Since 1909

Come back with us to May 14th, 1909 when six bachelors got together at Gilmour’s Barber shop on Philadelphia Street, where Dad’s club once stood, now are low rise apartment, and decided they would organize a social club and name it appropriately the “St Johns Bachelors Club.” Their original aspirations were to hold dances at Bickner’s Hall, but this soon escalated to include picnics and chartered river boat trips, and later sporting events. The Bachelors Club, like many other neighborhood clubs at the time, centered activities around sports. The Bachelors excelled in football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and wrestling, mostly competing with local clubs around the Portland area and in Oregon.

Many events were held at the clubhouse in St. Johns since 1953, when the St. Johns Bachelor Club settled into our present location at the corner of Richmond and Central. The clubhouse has been expanded and remodeled over the years by the members, including the addition of a basement and lounge area, the installation of a full commercial kitchen, and the latest upgrade to the history room. Ask about a tour when you come by.

The Bachelors Club is a men’s club, but we are family oriented with our wives and children, partners, and friends participating in many of our functions. We hold weekly meetings and have monthly functions such as Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Halloween Party, Kid’s Picnic, and many more events open to the public by invitation of a Bachelor Club member. We support select community organizations and are in turn are supported by our monthly functions, membership dues, and the renting of our clubhouse to the community to support their needs. Our clubhouse is available for rental.

Please contact our 1st Vice President at (503) 267-2863 for more information.